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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What are the range of products that you offer?

We offer the finest meats, cheeses, fruits, ready to eat meals and vegetables in the world. We import from all the suppliers across the world and provide these products directly to your doorstep.

I love all your products but I do not know how to use them. What do I do?

All our products come along with detailed recipes which you can incorporate in your regular lifestyle. These recipes are simple, feasible and not a Michelin star portion size. We provide affordability of a regular meal with the class of a Michelin star quality.

I want an item that I can't see on the website, are you able to provide it for me?
Nine times out of ten we can ‒ there are very few products that we can't provide for you. Just send us an email at or call us on +91 9966 0303 02/04 and we will be more than happy to discuss the items that you would like not currently on our website.

Why do you keep only imported produce and not locally grown products?

Our goal and mission is to provide customers with the experience and products that they eat abroad in their travels right here in our home country. We have nothing against the local produce that is grown but we do believe that the range of products which the local farmers grow is not grown in the most sustainable and healthy manner. We want to provide our customers with the best experience in terms of quantity and product offering. Hence, we focus on imported products from the best suppliers in the world.

Do you deliver on the same day?
Currently as we do not store material in our warehouse, we do not offer this service. However, in the future when we estimate the quantity of each market, we will be providing this service. 

Are there any delivery charges?
No. We provide free home delivery.

When do you deliver?
We deliver on all days with convenient delivery slots.

Where do you deliver?
We support almost all the pin codes in the city selected. We will be coming to your city soon if your city is not where we currently deliver. Give us your feedback at if you want us to come to your city soon.

Are the prices inclusive of tax?
Yes, the stated prices are inclusive of tax.

Can I pay by cash?
Yes, we do provide Cash on Delivery payment option. Please keep the appropriate change and cash handy

What payment types do you accept?
We accept credit, debit cards and online banking. We accept Cash on delivery as well depending on your location

I don't like sharing my details on the internet. How safe it is?
Our website uses the latest secure technology to keep your data safe and your privacy is completely respected.

The order is being delivered late. Where is it?
While we strive to deliver your orders on time, sometimes issues can arise due to unforeseen factors like traffic and so on. Please contact us and our lovely customer relationship managers will help you.

My transaction failed but money was deducted from my account. What do I do?
Your money is safe and will be refunded. Do not worry.

Do you do same day delivery?

Due to the nature of our business being imported, we cannot do same day delivery. This is only to make sure that we do not keep store products and send you old stock. We ensure freshness of the quality and hence can deliver only once a week when the farmers harvest the stock.

I have a question that is not listed. Who can I speak to?
You can email us at or call us on +91‐9966 0303 02/04. We will do our best to get back to you in 24 hours.

I am a bulk buyer and wish to get my products at a better rate. How do I go about this?

We do offer a bulk buying program. Please visit the Events & Catering tab on our website or email us at for further information on your requirement.


Where do you get your fruits and vegetables from?

All our fruits and vegetables are sourced directly from the farm to give you the purest experience at an affordable cost. We send the products to you within 24-48 hours of harvest giving you the freshest and most delicious taste.

How safe are the fruits and vegetables for consumption?

All our fruits and vegetables are organically grown. Most products are grown using a hydroponic technology which is cultivation without soil and harmful pesticides. We ensure that the products which are delivered to you do not even need to be washed before consumption. We are that confident about the quality.

How are the fruits and vegetables weighed?

Production of fruits and vegetables is hard to control as it is part of nature. Each fruit and vegetable varies slightly in the size and texture. This makes it difficult to be precise with the weight. We try to be exact as much as possible but there may be a variance of ± 5% in your orders at times.


Your meats are so delicious and tender, where do you get them from?
We source meat from only the best brands and free-range farms that meet our quality standards and allow their animals to live in conditions we approve of. All the products we source have the utmost care and consistency so that you can have the best every single time.

How fresh are your meats? 
We operate only against orders. Hence, every single product you receive is fresh. You can even check our labelling to see when exactly it was produced and when it was imported. Every pack is custom handled to incorporate all the instructions shared at the time of placing order.

Which products come under frozen range? 
We provide a large range of products. All our products are imported. Apart from fresh meat, we do have processed delicacies like ready to cook starters, cold cuts, sausages, imported lamb, turkey, pork, etc.

Is frozen meat healthy?
Freezing is the best method of extending the useful shelf life of meat. It preserves freshness, taste, nutritional value and quality. The freezing process itself does not destroy nutrients and there is little change in nutrient value during freezer storage. Small amounts of nutrients (salts, peptides, amino acids, and water soluble vitamins) may be lost as drip when the meat is thawed. The freshness of frozen meat can be maintained for up to 6 months under appropriate storage conditions while un-refrigerated meat can go stale and spoil within a day.

What is IQF?
Individual Quick Frozen. It is the technique in which products are frozen as individual pieces by direct CONTACT with nitrogen vapours and liquid nitrogen spray. This is the only process whereby, virtually all the properties of most of the parent foodstuffs can be preserved. IQF is a preferred method over usual block freezing because consumers can use only as much of the product as they need, eliminating the need to defrost the whole box.

How is frozen better than fresh?
So called fresh products in our market actually takes minimum 2-3 days to reach your kitchen. During the transit period, it is preserved using methods like block freezing, dry ice, etc. causing cellular damage and moisture loss. Where in IQF, the products are quickly cleaned, spread out (to prevent clumping) and frozen by passing through a sophisticated machine. The rapid freezing helps to preserve the texture and moisture of the product saving a dry, chewy texture when thawed.

Do you follow halal standards?
Yes, our suppliers for frozen and fresh meat follow halal standards.

How will my meat stay fresh whilst being delivered?
All the products will be delivered in a vehicle having the right temperature in the container. This means the freshness is sealed in once frozen and delivered to you in great condition. Once delivered, all you must do is pop your meat into the freezer if you want to store it for longer or in the refrigerator if you want to it to that. It’s as easy as that.